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Sherri Hansen

Sherri Hansen

Co-Owner / Listing Agent

Sherri brings a commitment of excellence to her real estate clients offering customized care and personal attention to detail. With a reputation for really listening to her clients, hearing and understanding what their particular needs and unique desires are, she then fulfills them to the best of her ability and to her clients' satisfaction. Her clients, whether they are buying, selling or both, get her full time devotion as well as the benefit of her extensive background in marketing and design.

Sherri grew up in Edmonds, WA and has lived in Snohomish for over 30 years. Being a creative soul at heart, Sherri Hansen, started her career as a budding Interior Designer with her own shop on First Street at the age of 21. She has a passion for her family including her husband of 32 years, Mickey Hansen; her two grown and happy children Kirsten Sessions, in Bellevue, and Carmen Hansen in Snohomish; and Riley her fishing buddy a miniature Yorkie, her dear friends (you know who you are); travel, gardening, fishing, cooking, remodeling projects, and oil painting.

Where do you LIVE? Here's a few hints. I look out my kitchen and living room windows West and see farms and the Olympic Mountains, I live five minutes from Downtown, ten minutes to the East and I am heading up a mountain pass. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Give me a call and I will tell you more about where I LIVE! Why Real Estate… Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?I love using my design background and marketing experience to help people sell their homes and be able to envision what a remodel might become. What Music Is Currently In Your iPod? John Legend, John Mayer, Colbie Caillat, Duffy, and I love to listen to French Café music on Pandora when I am painting. Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret? I love Fred's in downtown Snohomish! I love the fact that almost any night of the week my husband and I can walk in and see friends and families we know, or some of our kid's friends that have grown and are now old enough to drink beer. Try the Asian Nachos, they are amazing!