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Teresa Barthol

Teresa Barthol

Co-Owner / Listing Agent

Where I live? Out my window is a view of the 4th hole on the Mill Creek Golf course. And on any given day we can hear the sound of golfer making a swing at getting a hole in one by making good contact with that small little white ball. We love it! The community is filled with walking trails leading into the Mill Creek Town Center for a cup of coffee or dinner.

Why Real Estate? I fell in Love with Real Estate after we purchased our first house. I went to work for the Builder that sold that house to us and the rest is History. My years of experience takes me from that first Builder to Relocation Companies and then into Actual Selling Real Estate in 1997. My husband is an Architect and we have enjoyed designing and building a house or two and remodeling a few too. Over the years we, Mike and our two sons have moved some 14 times. A career in Real Estate is now more exciting then ever, I love the people I meet, the projects I get to work on, the number of people I have helped navigate the complexities of Buying, Selling, Building and Remodeling.

What Music is currently in your IPod? The Mission by Ennio Morricone, Gypsy in My Soul by Connie Evingson, Sade, Andrew Lloyd Weber, David Foster Hits, All is Forgiven by Ashana, Fly by Pam Rose,

Il Divo. A little Jazz, little Classics a little Folk and The Eagles! If I could only find a way to get rid of that "record"collection.

What local Restaurant is your best-kept secret? Mostly, I keep no secrets! Eating is too enjoyable and we must share the good places. There are so many! But, more recently Mike and I are enjoying revising our eating habits at Whole Foods. That's where Mike (the Love of my Life) is working on store development in the North West. We are always being made aware of how better we feel if we pay a little more attention to the quality of foods we eat. Many a client is encouraged to meet me at Whole Foods in Lynnwood for a treat! Today's favorite is the Crab Cakes!